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Thank you for reading about Zero Dry Time Coventry & Myself. I am a sole trader that works and lives in this great city. I moved here from Derbyshire in 2010 and love living here, mainly because of the people.

Zero Dry Time Coventry started in June 2019 and is now doing really well, as I hope you have seen by my reviews? People that I have cleaned for frequently say I am Friendly, Polite, Chatty, Hard Working & most importantly, Honest!

I take great pride in what I do, making sure everything Is clean and tidy before I leave, as a perfectionist that comes as second nature. There are many perks to this job, seeing the end results, meeting new people every day and being a massive animal lover, meeting your fury friends.

Kevin Wagstaff

Elite 2 Dry Carpet Cleaner

Zero Dry Time Coventry uses this fantastic machine to give your carpets a deep vacuum and for the agitation part of cleaning your carpets. With 4 different gradient of stiffness brushes for all the different types of carpets in your homes. Using the Elite 2 to agitate and break down the dirt in the pile and working alongside the other products needed to clean and bring your carpets back to life.


Agitating the pile in your carpet will help to release the dirt embedded in the fibres, which also lifts it for that soft fresh feel and adds years to its life.

Zero Dry Time Coventry

Zero Dry Time Coventry has many different products available to aid in cleaning of your carpets.

Most used are Encap & De-Greaser. These two will soften & break down any dirt embedded in the fibres of the pile.

Breaking Up Dirt & Moisture

Another product always used in the process is a Sponge. By agitating this into the pile it will break up and absorb the dirt and moisture in the carpet.

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