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As you can see in the image Zero Dry Time Coventry can get your carpets clean, looking great, feeling soft under foot and believe me when I say smelling fantastic. Getting all the dirt out from the bottom of the pile first with a deep vacuum.

Removing all the dirt, grease and grime from the pile and lifting it for that freshly laid feeling under foot. But the best thing about using Zero Dry Time Coventry is that you can walk on your carpets straight away.

No waiting for hours for them to dry. No having to leave windows open or putting up with a fusty wet dog smell. You get a fresh looking, smelling and feeling carpet to enjoy straight away.

Why choose dry cleaning over wet?

The obvious reason for choosing Zero Dry Time Coventry over a wet cleaner is that your carpets are dry and ready to walk on straight away. Zero Dry Time Coventry uses chemicals, sponge and an agitation vacuum to break down and remove the dirt. If I could use a dirty dog as an example instead of carpets…

If you only used water to try to clean your dirty dog, it would not remove the dirt. If you used soapy water but didn’t scrub the skin or fur with your fingers, it would get some dirt out but not all of it. It would also still smell of wet dog because its wet and still dirty!

This is what happens with wet carpet cleaning, they do not agitate or scrub at the carpet, they do not remove all the dirt, especially at the bottom of the carpet because they do not scrub at it and they leave them wet. The soapy water ferments with the dirt left in the carpet, this is why they smell, of wet dog!

Zero Dry Time Coventry removes all the dirt, lifts the pile and leaves your carpets looking, smelling and feeling great. Why not give me a try and see for yourself.

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